I've had the great good fortune over time to interview several people involved with classic television, people with whom I'd never have had the chance to come in contact were it not for this blog. I've no doubt you'll find them just as interesting as I did - and if you don't, it will be the fault of the interviewer rather than the subject - and hopefully you'll be inspired to check out their work and learn more about them. 

Interview with David Von Pein
June 10, 2011

David Von Pein has amassed a massive collection of video material related to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, particularly original video of the assassination as it was covered by the three networks. We talk about his interest in the former president, how he gathers his material, and more.

Interview #1 with Marc Ryan 

November 19, 2013

As the son of NBC newsman Bill Ryan, Marc Ryan has a unique perspective on television coverage of the Kennedy assassination. Here, he discusses his book Three Shots Were Fired: JFK's Assassination and TV's First Global Story, and his father's role in telling that story.

Interview #2 with Marc Ryan
February 4, 2014

In my second interview with Marc Ryan, we talk about television's coverage of the Olympics, which actually goes all the way back to the pre-World War II Summer Olympics of 1936 in Berlin, and how the coverage has evolved over time.

Interview #1 with Adam-Michael James
March 13, 2015

As the author of The Bewitched Continuum, Adam-Michael James lays claim to the definitive narrative history of the much-loved sitcom. This unique book takes you into the world created by the show, until you feel like you're next-door neighbors of the Stephens'.

Interview with Carol Ford
March 2, 2016

Carol Ford is the author of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, which tells the true story of the Hogan's Heroes star and his remarkable legacy, particularly in the world of radio, and presents a far different picture than what the tabloid media want you to believe.

Interview with Barry Weitz and Mark Rathaus
May 25, 2016

Barry Weitz was the Executive Producer of the '70s series Movin' On, and Mark Rathaus has remastered the series for broadcast via streaming services. Here, they tell the inside story of the show as well as what it was like working with the stars.

Interview with Stephen Rodgers
July 19, 2017

As CEO of the company behind PROClassic TV, Stephen Rodgers takes us behind the scenes with the business of streaming classic television; talks about why companies don't care about their classic inventory; and tells how PRO works to give viewers the shows they want.

Interview with Jodie Peeler
August 23, 2017

Jodie Peeler is dedicated to keeping alive the memory of one of television's greatest pioneers, Dave Garroway, through her website and upcoming biography. Learn about the man that was called "The Great Communicator" and revolutionized television as the first host of Today.

Interview with Chuck Harter
November 15, 2017

Chuck Harter is the author of Mr. Novak: An Acclaimed Television Series. Read about the much-loved series of the early 1960s, with James Franciscus as a dedicated young teacher, Dean Jagger as the wise principal, and an outstanding lineup of guest stars.

Interview #2 with Adam-Michael James
November 29, 2017

As a follow-up to The Bewitched Continuum, Adam-Michael James brings us the story that should have been the final episode of Bewitched, if the series had had a proper finale. In I, Samantha, Take This Mortal, Darrin, you'll find out what happens to the Stephens and their friends and bosses.

Interview with Joseph Benti
October 17, 2018

As an anchor for CBS, Joseph Benti was first on the air with the bulletin of Robert F. Kennedy's shooting. Here, Benti talks about the tense atmosphere of 1968; whether or not RFK would have won the presidency; how the news business has changed; and how Dan Rather wanted his job.

Interview with Fred Smith, aka YouTube's FredFlix
March 6, 2019

Fred Smith is the man behind the popular YouTube channel "FredFlix." Find out more about the man behind the station: his love of classic television, film, and music; his opinions on today's television; and how on earth he got so much old footage!

Interview with Edward "Torchy" Smith
April 24, 2019

Torchy Smith, host of the iHeart Radio program "Baby Boomers Talk Radio" and author of Shooting the Breeze with Baby Boomer Stars! talks about his interviews with former child stars, how they coped with early fame, why we're still fascinated with them, and more backstage stories.

Interview with Rob Precht 
November 6, 2019

Rob Precht, grandson of the legendary television host and Broadway columnist Ed Sullivan, joins the Interview to discuss his grandfather's life, the impact of The Ed Sullivan Show on television and cultural history, famous guests, and how nothing compares to the Sullivan show today.

Interview with William Bartlett 
September 23, 2020

William Bartlett served for many years as the in-house historian for NBC. In this interview, he talks about his coffee-table book NBC and 30 Rock: A View from Inside, discusses the network's legacy, its most famous stars and most storied series, and tells us what it's like to have the world's coolest job.

Interview #3 with Adam-Michael James 
May 19, 2021

Adam-Michael is back for a third time to discuss his book Samantha's Seventies, bringing the Bewitched story into a new decade and a new time. Find out all about the final volume in his trilogy of Bewitched books!

Interview with Daniel R. Budnik 
May 11, 2022

My old podcast buddy Dan Budnik (Eventually Supertrain) talks about his new book From Beverly Hills To Hooterville: Exploring TV's Henningverse 1962-1971, and answers those questions you have about the worlds of The Beverly Hillbillies, Petticoat Junction, and Green Acres.

Interview with Brandon Hollingsworth 
November 16, 2022

Brandon Hollingsworth talks about ABC's 1962-63 WWII series The Gallant Men, now available on DVD. It's been overshadowed by better-known war dramas such as Combat! and 12 O'clock High, but remains an excellent series that deserves to be seen by a wider audience today.

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