TV Guide: America's Time Capsule
Here is Mitchell's presentation at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Convention in September, 2018.  Mitchell discusses the unique role of TV Guide as time capsule to American cultural history in the second half of the 20th Century. Stay tuned for an informative, entertaining discussion.

The Electronic Mirror
Watch this brief trailer on Mitchell's latest book, The Electronic Mirror: What Classic TV Tells Us About Who We Were and Who We Are (and Everything In-Between!). Available in paperback and Kindle at the Bookstore. 

The Dan Schneider Video Interview
Mitchell has appeared twice on The Dan Schneider Video Interview. In his first appearance Mitchell discusses the "Golden Age of Television" with Dan and fellow television historians Daniel Budnik (The Eventually Supertrain podcast) and Amanda Reyes (Are You in the House Alone? A TV Movie Compendium 1964-1999). You'll find their discussion golden.

Here, Mitchell joins in a panel discussion on the history of the television sitcom, with Daniel Budnik and author Stephen Winzenburg (TV's Greatest Sitcoms). They're not as funny as the sitcoms they discuss, but they're very good.

The Eventually Supertrain Podcast
Mitchell is a semi-regular on Dan Budnik's Eventually Supertrain podcast, perhaps the world's only podcast dedicated to short-lived TV shows. No video, but click on this link to the episodes in which Mitchell and Dan discuss Bourbon Street Beat, one of the famous Warner Bros. detective shows of the 1950s and 1960s, and Search, the before-its-time high-tech investigative series.  

TV Confidential
Listen to Mitchell's appearance on Ed Robertson's nationally syndicated radio program TV Confidential, as they talk about how television evolved during the classic TV era, and some of the era's greatest shows.

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