Back in 2013, I undertook the challenge of profiling the television programs that constitute my personal Top Ten list. I don’t claim that these are the ten greatest series of all time; that would be presumptuous. However, I do presume to identify those shows that mean the most to me. These aren't academic histories or encyclopedic entries; rather, they’re personal memories of shows that, through the years, have brought me delight, influenced my way of thinking and doing, left their indelible traces imprinted on me. Think of it as a memoir of my life as seen on TV.

Many of these posts originally had links to videos or other web content - if you find that a link has broken or a video disappeared, please drop me an email at the address shown on the "Contact Me" tab.  Have fun!

Lists like this aren't static, of course. Click here for shows that might have been added to the Top Ten if I were compiling it today. And for the shows in the original top 25, click here.


  1. A fair list, my personal favorite is Doctor who.

    1. It was there for me as well for a long time. I'd say that all through the time I watched the classic version, it was at #1.

  2. Alvin show!!! I feel I have found my soulmate)) Loved it in childhood and even now turn it on when working on reviews for essay writing services. Luckily my son doesn't mind!


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