July 11, 2011

ABC Promo, 1957

It's summer, and on an evening when the temperatures are in the mid 80s, the humidity is low, and there's a nice breeze - well, it's hard to get excited about writing. So since television has it's season of summer reruns, I'll be doing the same thing from time to time, looking back at some of the best of television from the Our Word archives.

Here's something I've never seen before: "Peter Rabbit Ears" speaking of the wonders of television - our best friend - in an ABC promo from 1957.

What I find particularly interesting about this is that although it's a promo for ABC, never once does it even mention the name of an ABC show. True enough; in the late 50s, the perennial third-place network didn't have much to promote. Kind of refreshing in comparison to today's overblown network hype though, don't you think? TV

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