September 11, 2014

Meditations on September 11

From Ric Burns' extraordinary documentary New York, here's one of the more extraordinary moments; a reading by Josh Hamilton of the "Moloch" section from Allen Ginsburg's epic poem "Howl."


  1. I remember an email I sent to my friends in the US on 11 September 2002, the first anniversary of the 911 attacks, just to let them know that Australia too would remember that horrific day. I've copied it below which I hope you don't mind. And apologies for the spelling errors...

    Just thought i'd let you know that in many ways, Australia remembers the tragic events of one year ago.

    Memorial services have been held today across the country, including here in Melbourne. A service in the national capital (Canberra) attended by the Prime Minister John Howard, the Governor General, and relatives of the victims.

    Motorists across the country showed their respect to the victims by turning on their car headlights at 8.46am this morning, the same time in NY that the first plane hit the WTC. The idea was initiated some weeks ago by Paul Gyulavary, a Melbourne man whos brother Peter died in the attacks. The idea got the support of the media and the Government who both promoted it leading up to today.

    Driving to work this morning it was quite a moving sight to see such a show of support, almost every car on the road had their lights on, including police and emergency vehicles, buses, trucks and Government cars. Also this morning, the light towers at the Melbourne Cricket Ground, Melbourne's largest sports
    stadium, were switched on at 8.46 this morning. The MCG light towers are visible from miles away.

    Churches rang their bells at 8.46 and flags flew at half mast today

    Police and emergency service personnel held memorial services during the day.

    The US Consulate in Melbourne was closed today. Flowers and candles were laid outside today.

    Talkback radio remembered the day. Melbourne radio 3AK's morning talkback host Derryn Hinch, a former New York correspondent, was on-air for 12 consecutive hours on Sept 11 & 12 last year conveying the news, emotions and an Australian perspective of someone who lived in NY. Today he devoted his morning show to remembering Sept 11, including a minute's silence at 8.46am, and 3AK ran tributes during the day.

    TV news and current affairs shows have devoted much of this week to remembering.

    Tonight, three of the five broadcast networks and some cable channels, have held off all regular programming in place of continous coverage looking back at twelve months ago, and coverage of today's rememberances from New York and Washington. Also screening tonight, commercial free, is the movie documentary "9/11" which aired six months ago in the US which I am watching now.

    Newspapers have devoted enormous coverage to tributes today. There is a huge number of Australian news and media personnel in the US for this remembrance.

    Australia remembers.

    1. That was wonderful - thanks so much for sharing. I've never doubted that all of you "down under" were standing with us.


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