November 13, 2014

Hitchcock, Hutton, Mrs. Peel and more on Around the Dial!

This week the blog theme seems to be episode-by-episode recapping, as no fewer than four of our regulars have new entries in their respective continuing series.  We won't drag it out any longer.

Wenever I watch Alfred Hitchcock, my mind goes back to late summer nights when school was out and I could stay up late to watch the reruns Channel 11 would show, pairing them with Perry Mason.  Hitchcock is that kind of show; it works well around midnight or so.  This week bare bones e-zine continues its "Hitchcock Project" with a look at a classic '60s episode, "What Really Happened."

Cult TV Blog has moved on to another of my favorite shows, The Avengers, with the episode "The Thirteenth Hole."  He notes that in this story, Diana Rigg, as Mrs. Peel, is the only woman in the cast, to which I would add, who else would you need?

At Embarrassing Treasures, it's "Family Affair Friday" once again, with the 1969 episode "A Matter of Privacy," dealing with - what else? - privacy.  I watched that show when I was of a suitable age, and while I don't count it one of my favorites, I always did like Brian Keith and Sebastian Cabot.

Finally, Made for TV Mayhem's continuing series on USA network's World Premiere movies gives us 1996's "Death Benefit," with Peter Horton and Carrie Snodgress.  I remember Snodgress' Oscar-nominated turn in Diary of a Mad Housewife, and while I'm no housewife, I've felt as if I were going mad from time to time.

I'll tell you, I really envy the collection of material at Television Obscurities, and this week is no exception with a look at a 1948 issue of Television and Radio Mirror.  And don't forget to come back on Friday for the latest installment of his TV Guide review!

I've never been a fan of Betty Hutton, but I tend to be critical of a lot of people, so I wondered if it was just me.  Apparently not, for Television's New Frontier: the 1960s gives us a candid analysis of The Betty Hutton Show, the last-gasp (and unsuccessful) attempt by Hutton to revive her career. TV  

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