February 13, 2015

Around the Dial

A  lot to get to this week, so I'll give you a bullet-point list of the classic TV blogs you ought to be checking out, and why!  And be careful while you're reading it - it is Friday the 13th, after all.

How could anyone resist a Valentine's greeting from Pepe Le Pew - or The Last Drive-In?

Cult TV Blog continues a look at '70s Brit TV with Z Cars.

At Comfort TV, David shares one of his book ideas that hasn't seen print - yet.

Classic TV Sports tells us the story of how Verne Lundquist made his debut with CBS - and it involves working for two networks!

Television's New Frontier - the 1960s reminds us of the show that was Dr. Kildare.  Interestingly enough, I was watching Richard Chamberlain Wednesday night in The Four Musketeers.

The Lucky Strike Papers brings the news that Mary Healy, widow of Peter Lind Hayes, died earlier this month at 96.  I've always enjoyed watching them on old shows like Password - he was particularly dry.

Those Were the Days has a picture of two of my favorites - Jack Webb and Paul Burke - with Victor Rodman in Noah's Ark.

Television Obscurities will have another TV Guide review later today, but in the meantime check out his review of a novelization of the '70s series Beacon Hill. TV  

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