October 18, 2017

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  1. This was terrific - thank you for this. With Eric, and with Carol and her co-authors at work, Bob Crane's real legacy is in very good hands indeed. I'm hoping Bob is looking at them from the great beyond, and smiling that great smile of his.

    1. That would please me a great deal, Jodie! They have done a massive amount of work on trying to set the record straight.

  2. I was always a fan of Hogan's Heroes and felt Bob Crane's death deprived us of a great man.

    Yes, he had foibles but so do we all.

    Question: Has there ever been anything definitive learned about his murderer? All I have heard is on the level of scandal sheet gossip.

    George Everson

    1. George,

      Unfortunately, Bob's murder remains unsolved. Hopefully someday the guilty person(s) who committed the crime will be identified, and the family will have some kind of peace and closure. At this time, any of the theories out there are purely speculative, and none are endorsed by Eric, Carol, Carol's co-authors on the bio, or anyone affiliated with the Vote For Bob Crane campaign for the NRHOF.

      I also asked Carol if she had anything she wanted to add, and she forwarded her official statement:

      "We—my coauthors and I, members of Bob Crane's family, his friends, and his colleagues—are always hopeful that one day, the true identity of Bob's murderer will be known and justice can be served. However, this recent investigation did not reveal any groundbreaking information or provide a resolution, and the subsequent media coverage did nothing more than bring unnecessary heartache to many who knew, loved, and cared about Bob. We do not discuss or endorse any speculative theories as to who may have committed the crime. We encourage those who want to know more about Bob Crane to discover his complete and true life story in Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography. All author profits are being donated to various charities in Bob's memory."
      —Carol Ford, author, Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography

  3. Mitchell,
    On behalf of Eric Senich, other members of Bob Crane's family, Bob's friends and coworkers, and everyone affiliated with our cause, thank you so much for all your support. You're helping to show who Bob Crane really was as a person to allow for better understanding, and that means the world to so many.

    As Eric's father Jim Senich told Linda Groundwater and me about his cousin in 2007: "The family really appreciates what you're doing for Bobby. We sure do. Bobby was just a big teddy bear, and everybody loved him. Strange, people probably think he walked around with horns sticking out of his head, but he was a good guy."

    Thank again so much.
    Carol Ford
    Author, Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography
    Co-Owner/Co-Producer, The Bob Crane Show: Reloaded
    Owner, Vote For Bob Crane


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