February 26, 2020

TV Jibe: Living the simple life


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  1. Off-topic (such as it is):

    Noting the passing of Lee Philip Bell, who as I recall we've taken some note of in the past.

    Here in Chicago, Lee Philip was a TV legend, hosting a daily live talk show on Channel 2, the CBS-owned station, for 33 years.
    This was one of the earliest shows of its kind on TV, and Lee Philip was among the first women to score serious points as a journalist, locally and nationally.
    Her obituaries here in Chicago take note of her many interviews with major newsmakers, as well as special programs for Ch2 that won her many awards, including years of local Emmy awards.
    While she was doing this daily show, Lee Philip and her husband Bill Bell created The Young And The Restless, following that up with The Bold And The Beautiful several years later.
    The success of these two shows led to Lee Philip Bell retiring her daily show in 1986 and moving West with her family business, where she and her husband and children won more Emmys and sundry other awards.

    I picked up some Chicago papers today, and Lee Philip Bell's passing didn't get all that much space.
    If she'd passed on earlier, she might have made the front page with a banner headline - that's how important she was here.
    Sic transit gloria mundi, and like that …


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