February 4, 2022

Around the dial.

I think we'll start this week with something we see far too little of these days, longform journalism, and a kind of remarkable piece by Andy Greene at Rolling Stone. He'd come to know the late Michael Nesmith fairly well over the last few years, and in A Final Visit With Michael Nesmith, he sheds some light on the former Monkee, his relationship with his costars, and some surprising insights as to how he really felt about his most famous role.

At Comfort TV, David reviews one of the classic sitcom tropes: two dates on the same night. In a comedy, it can be a cause of charming discomfort; in a drama, it usually results in a double homicide.

Cult TV Blog returns with another entry in the "orphaned episodes" series, in which John looks at shows from the past with only a handful of surviving episodes. As he points out, the pleasure of finding these assorted fragments is somewhat offset by "a genuine sense of sadness at how much no longer exists."

The always-interesting Inner Toob is back with a trip through the three miniseries in which Hal Holbrook portrayed President Abraham Lincoln. Appropriate for February, don't you think? 

At Drunk TV, Paul reviews the first season of I Dream of Jeannie, a series that never failed to please its fans. He also has a well-placed word or two about those who might love to "cancel" a show that's so obviously oppressive to women. Well played, Paul!

At A Shroud of Thoughts, Terence leads the way with remembering the career of Howard Hesseman, who died last week, the latest in an apparent non-stop passing of classic TV icons. And from someone in the business, JB offers his own tribute to Johnny Fever at The Hits Just Keep on Comin'.

Finally, Television's New Frontier: the 1960s goes in-depth on calendar year 1962 for Bonanza, television's top-rated program, with reviews, guest stars, and a recounting of how physically demanding the show was for its stars. Glad I chose a more sedate occupation. TV  

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