August 17, 2022

Take my book—please!

 don't know this for an absolute fact, but it's my suspicion that not all of you have taken advantage of the opportunity to purchase my book, The Electronic Mirror. For one thing, I used to be able to dine once dinner a year at a place like Ruth's Chris; nowadays my royalties cover a Happy Meal at McDonald's. And, when you think about it, since I shell out a modest fee each year to maintain this domain, you might say that I pay you to read this content, at least indirectly.

You're in luck, though. As it happens, I've decided to liquidate my entire inventory of extra copies, which means you can have The Electronic Mirror free, just by sending me an email. (I'll even sign it if you want!) All I'm asking is $4.25 to cover postage and handling; I'll be getting nothing out of the deal besides extra storage space, which I can use to buy more books—ones I didn't write and haven't read—and you'll be getting a collection of the best essays from It's About TV! over the years, plus original material written specifically for this book. It's still less than you'd pay for retail, and if you don't want to give Amazon your money, this solves the problem.

This offer will continue for as long as I have books to give away, so if you want a copy of The Electronic Mirror, or if you have a friend or family member who might enjoy it as a gift (Christmas isn't too far away!), send me an email at the address on the sidebar, with your name and address, and I'll tell you how to pay for postage. It's an offer you can't refuse; more important, you'll be doing me a great favor in helping clean house. TV  


  1. Even just this post makes me think how our countries are separated by a common language. The idea of anywhere being called Ruth's Chris Steak House made literally no sense to me so I went on their website and found that Ruth bought Chris's Steak House. Honestly it just sounds so wrong. And that's even without the matter of the broiler. I prefer proper English food like curry, tea and pizza. 😳

    1. I like to think the name is our version of the days when the nine-team Canadian Football League had one team called the Ottawa Rough Riders and another called the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Those were the days! :)

    2. I would ask what they were riding but I'm fairly sure I wouldn't understand the answer!


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