December 30, 2022

Around the dial

Here we all are, at the end of another year. Some of you will be taking the weekend off, so I'll wish you all a Happy New Year now. Fortunately, we've got some items here to help you see the year off.

At bare-bones e-zine, Jack wraps up the Jerry Sohl segment of the Hitchcock Project with the sixth season episode "A Secret Life," based on the short story by Nicholas Monsarrat. One of my favorite aspects of the Hitchcock Project is how Jack shows the evolution of an adaptation from its origins to the screen; in this case, the results are somewhat lacking.

As you know from reading Comfort TV, David has been going through 1970s TV, year-by-year, night-by-night. We're now up to Wednesday, 1971, and that means everything from Adam-12, Bewitched, and Mannix to Shirley's World and The Man and the City. See how many of them you remember.

Jack returns to the British series Tales of Unease this week at Cult TV Blog, and the episode "Ride Ride," a variation on the vanishing hitchhiker story that goes beyond some of the usual tropes to strike at the fears inside all of us.

At The Horn Section, Hal is back with Love That Bob!, and this week it's the story about a character having to live up to their tall tales about being a star in Hollywood. In this case, the character is Schultzy, and it's up to Bob (with some help from Alan Ladd!) to get her out of the jam.

Remember that the Christmas season runs through January 6. That means Christmas specials are still in the queue for viewing, and at Silver Scenes, the Metzingers have highlighted some specials available at Tubi, ones that you might not have seen lately. Check them out!

One of the specials we watch every year is "Happy Holidays with Bing and Frank," the Christmas episode of The Frank Sinatra Show that features guest star Bing Crosby. At Drunk TV, Paul takes a delightful look back at this quirky episode, including a comment from Bing that might give one payse today.

Finally, last week I mentioned that Diane McBain had died, along with my suspicions that we'd see a more in-depth obituary this week. Terence has that at A Shroud of Thoughts, showing the wide range of roles she could play, and why she'll be missed. TV  

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