January 24, 2013

Around the dial

Back in the day, the phone company used to remind us all to "let them know how you feel," and over the years, as the figures from my youth have passed on, it's something I wish I'd done.  At Classic Film and TV Cafe, Rick reminds us that good things can come from fan letters - but we have to write them first.

When we talk about the "Game of the Century," we're usually referring to college football - but at Classic Sports TV Media, Jeff recalls the 1968 college basketball battle of the unbeatens - Houston and UCLA - that truly lived up to the name.  I was only seven when this game was played, but it was a seminal event of my early sports life, and it's stayed with me since.

The NHL is back!  Except in Cleveland, where Tim at Cleveland Classic Media recalls the long and proud history of hockey in Cleveland, especially the minor-league Barons.  I've always had kind of a fondness for the Barons - the short-lived NHL team that shared that name wound up merging with the old Minnesota North Stars, giving us the nucleus of some fine teams (until they moved to Dallas...).

Staying with sports, have you had enough of the Manti Te'o story yet?  At SI.com, Richard Deitsch talks with two Pulitzer Prize-winnners about where the press fell down on the job.  Te'o isn't the only one who should be embarrassed.

Soaps aren't my thing generally, but Amanda's piece at Made for TV Mayhem is good news for those who are - two of the biggest soaps, All My Children and One Life to Live, are coming back in an online format. Apparently some old shows do have more than one life.

How Sweet It Was - how true, how true.  Aurora blogs on one of my favorite shows, Columbo, with one of  my favorite actors, Patrick McGoohan, in one of my favorite episodes.  A great showdown between two actors putting on a clinic.

And a reminder that the Classic TV Blog Association's variety show blogathon begins in a little over a week. Yours truly will be part of the opening day festivities, and the fun keeps on going from there!  Be sure to check the lineup for the most recent additions to the schedule. TV  

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