January 31, 2013

Around the dial

Ah, Magnum, P.I.  One of my wife's favorite shows.  She likes Sellick, but I also think that Hawaii looked pretty good during all those cold winter nights in Minnesota.  (Personally, I depend on Hawaii Five-O for my Hawaii fix.)  Anyway, good memories of that series from Amanda at Made for TV Mayhem.  You and my wife would get along quite well.

Joanna Wilson from Christmas TV History has been doing a great series on Rankin-Bass' voice talents, and the work they've done in other TV Christmas shows.  It's particularly nice to see pictures of the faces behind the voices.  It's almost - almost - enough to make me wish it was Christmas again, but I'd sure like to have summer first.

Congrats to Ivan at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear - he has a new gig starting soon at ClassicFlix.com. We'll miss his regular contributions at Thrilling Days, but I'm looking forward to his work at ClassicFlix - you can bet we'll have that on the favorites list.

New blog!  Welcome to Tom and TV Gems.  Glad to see you're going to be part of the blogathon!

Is Classic Sports TV and Media's video of the Super Bowl VI postgame interviews worth looking at? Evidentally...

And don't forget the Variety Show Blogathon starts on Super Bowl Sunday.  Read here for the lineup and more details! TV  

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