March 7, 2013

Around the Dial

Another great selection of stories around the Net. Let's take a look at a few, starting with our CTBA colleagues.

How Sweet It Was has a delightful piece on classic TV show ads.  Many of these come from TV Guide, while others come from other sources.  I've killed many hours over the years looking at ads like these.  They tell you so much about a show, and do much to place them in context.  Great job!

Classic Sports TV and Media brings us back to opening day of the USFL.  I wanted this league to succeed, I really did.  I've always liked upstarts: the ABA, the WFL, the WHA, the AFL.*  I far prefer Canadian football to either the NFL or college football.  The USFL's problem was that it wasn't different enough, didn't offer enough innovation.  It was just another version of the NFL, with different uniforms, a few different cities, and a couple of rules tweaks, but nothing more.  And the quality of play wasn't that high, either.  Oh, well.  Still good memories.

*Even though the Packers were my favorite team, I never had the animosity toward the AFL that so many NFL fans had.

Classic Film and TV Cafe presents classic TV SciFi from A to Z.  I note approvingly that there are two references to Doctor Who; D, for Dalek, and W, for Who.  Some fun stuff there.

A new addition to the group, Random Ramblings of a Broadway, Film & TV Fan, presents a pretty neat encounter with Sarah Karloff, daughter of Boris, the wonderful voice of The Grinch and the host of the 60s series Thriller.  Random also has a nice obituary of former One Day at a Time star Bonnie Franklin.

The always entertaining Awful Announcing has a hilarious (because it's true) list of everyone who could do commentary on the NHL and the Chicago Blackhawks.  But then, after what that fool Stephen A. Smith did the other night, almost anyone could do a better job.

Finally, Television Obscurities reports that PBS is doing a best-of on Hullabaloo for their latest pledge drive.

That's it for today - see you back here Saturday! TV  

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