March 14, 2013

Around the Dial

So, what's new on the classic TV blogosphere this week? A few items of interest:

This is not about to turn into a decorating site (which is what HGTV used to be before it turned into the real-estate-channel-where-you-have-to-have-a-brother-cousin-cohost), but I do have an affinity for mid-century modern, and when that's combined with television - well, the Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland shows you the happy picture.

Great piece about the origins of the Dick Van Dyke show at How Sweet It Was.  At the risk of sacrificing my position as classic TV blogger, I have to admit that I was never a real fan of the Van Dyke show.  Oh, the parts that dealt with the office - Rob, Buddy and Sally - were always funny.  No, it was the home life, and Mary Tyler Moore, that left me cold.  Of course, I wasn't a fan of her show either, so I guess it follows.

Speaking of MTM, TV Gems has a very nice story on Valerie Harper, who is facing terminal cancer with a brave heart and encouraging words.

Kliph Nesteroff has another terrific interview, this time with John Barbour. It sounds strange to say that I only remember Barbour from a show I didn't watch, Real People, but after reading part one of this interview, I know a lot more.  Great stuff.

That's it for this week - see you on Saturday! TV  

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