September 12, 2013

Around the dial

Occasionally reading other blogs can be not only illuminating, but sobering; there's so much good writing out there that for a writer like me, it's kind of daunting. But, hoping that after reading them you won't forget about me, here are some of the past week's highlights.

Stephen Bowie's Classic TV History Blog was one of the first and best TV blogs I started reading, and it's still one of my favorites. Here's a very funny sight gag that explains Hawaii Five-O for all of us; on a more serious note, while at The Onion AV Club, Stephen has a rundown on The Fugitive, a show which you'll recall I covered a few weeks ago as part of my Top Ten. I have to disagree with him slightly in his assessment of Gerard; while he could often act like an ass, I do think he understood Kimble better than anyone else, including the unlikelihood of Kimble committing further crimes. But a great piece!

I always liked Dick Powell, but unlike many movie buffs I'm more familiar with him as a dramatic actor rather than the musicals in which he started out, and I've probably seen him more through television than on the big screen. At Classic Film and TV Cafe, Rick has a typically good offering of six things to know about Dick Powell. Two things you can add: Powell played Richard Diamond on radio (David Janssen, from the aforementioned Fugitive, played him on TV), and he also originated the role of Amos Burke on TV as part of Dick Powell Theater; that role went to Gene Barry in the series.

Be sure to check out Comfort TV this week, as David lists the seven least intimidating TV villains. I probably still wouldn't have wanted to tangle with any of them.

Hopefully, most classic-TV buffs know that Gunsmoke was a radio drama before appearing on television. I had the chance to hear some of the radio episodes a couple of years ago, and they're remarkable in their detail. Glad to see that Embarrassing Treasures is giaving some time to it - take the advantage to listen to those five favorite episodes.

It's back to the 60s again in this week's TV Guide - we'll see you back here again on Saturday! TV  

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