April 24, 2014

Around the Dial

As usual, there are some very good classic TV pieces out there; let's take a look at some of them, shall we?

At Embarrassing Treasures, Family Affair Friday presents what today would be called a "very special episode," as Uncle Bill and the kids deal with a classmate of Buffy's who's dying.  I watched Family Affair a bit when I was a kid, but don't remember the episode.  Based on Amy's comments, it sounds as if the show handled the subject matter with a surprising amount of subtlety.  Also a good point from Amy in the comments section, where she and a commenter discuss whether or not TV shows reflect "how it was" at the time of the episode.

Comfort TV has a great idea: The Comfort TV Trivia Quiz.  I think this ties in nicely with the "cultural amnesia" article I wrote about a couple of weeks ago.  Surely many of these names should be familiar to people who consider themselves fans of classic TV, and some of them have transcended television, I think, to enter the popular culture.  I mean, "Roy Hinkley" is someone everyone should know.

'Tis the week for lists, as Classic Film and TV Cafe takes a look at British TV from A to Z.  I've seen and like a lot of these shows, so I've very few quarrels with the choices.  One nit to pick, perhaps: in British TV, D should really stand for Doctor Who, not Danger Man.  But Danger Man, the precursor to The Prisoner, has to be in the list as well - let's move it to S, in honor of the name under which it ran in America, Secret Agent.

Speaking of British TV, Cult TV Blog is back with a show I've never heard of - The Corridor People. What a great name - we'll find out if it's a great series or not.  But based on these initial impressions, I probably ought to try and check it out.

Short but sweet, right?  Be back here Saturday for another TV Guide review that's sweet, but not so short! TV  

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