May 8, 2015

Around the dial

As you can probably tell by the lateness of the hour, I'm a bit pressed for time, so some quick hits, as follows:

The Flaming Nose presents a nice appreciation of Jayne Meadows Allen.  Indeed, they don't make 'em like her anymore.

The Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland has a great idea for a bookcase!  I definitely need to have someone whip up one like that for me!

The Old Movie House takes a closer look at the Titanic classic A Night to Remember.  An extraordinarily well-made docudrama, as I wrote about here.

My old friend at Cult TV Blog is back after a hiatus, and catching up on some of the classic shows of the '70s, and even has a couple of American shows in the mix.

Don Rickles is an acquired taste, I suppose.  I acquired the taste long ago, and I've enjoyed Rickles for many years.  CPO Sharkey wasn't a favorite of mine though, but Thrilling Days of Yesteryear takes a good look at it nonetheless.

Television Obscurities continues looking at a year of TV Guide; this issue comes from my birthday in 1965.  Wish I had this issue; among other reasons, there's what looks to be a very good article on whether or not there are too many bulletins on TV.

More classic TV Guides!  Or at least TV schedules, from Australia!  From my friend at; it's very interesting to see what imports were on the airwaves in Australia.

And why not one more TV Guide story, this time from The TV Guide Historian, with a WGN ad from 1966.  Even without seeing the text, I had it pegged for sometime in the mid '60s.

Whew!  Got 'em all in, but check out my sidebar for more good stuff.  See you again tomorrow! TV  

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  1. Many thanks for the shout out. Plenty of US (and to a lesser extent UK) imports dominated our early TV. In some respects it is still the case today though with delays in scheduling plus the rise in streaming and other services this imported content doesn't pull in the same audiences it once did.


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