May 29, 2015

Around the dial

As we look around the classic TV blogosphere this week, most of my colleagues in the Classic TV Blog Association are engaged in our annual Summer of Me-TV Blogathon.  This is really a fun event, and many of your favorites are on display this week, so take a moment to go here for the complete list, and then go to each one of these blogs and enjoy.  You won't be sorry.,

In other news, The Classic TV History Blog has an in-depth profile of the mid '60s true crime series Lawbreaker, hosted by Lee Marvin.  I caught this series when it came out on DVD a few years ago.  Fun, though I wouldn't be likely to watch it again.  Where possible, it features the actual people - sometimes including the criminals themselves - who were involved in the case, which means the acting isn't always up to snuff.  My minor claim to fame is that I know someone whose family was involved in one of these cases.

Ah, Kelo-land!  During my sentence in the World’s Worst Town™, one of the few bright spots was the opportunity (when the stars were aligned) to catch the signal from one of the Kelo-land stations.  I can't remember for sure which one we got up there - might have been KDLO - but the South Dakota station gave us one of the few looks at the outside world, courtesy of CBS.  Fond memories, and they were brought back with this great KELO ad at Faded Signals.  Plenty of other cool old ads there as well!

Since I'm sitting here typing this on Thursday night, I'll link to Television Obscurities' TV Guide review from last week, in which the focus was on May 22, 1965.  I'm particularly partial to reviews of issues I don't have, such as this one.  I love these writeups; I wind up feeling as if I've read the whole issue, which is about the highest compliment I can think of, and I really enjoy the pictures and closeups that are used.  Even by the early '70s, much of that charm seems to be gone.

Does this seem as if it's been kind of short?  In a way, it has; just three individual links.  But when you consider how many blogs I've given you to look at because of the blogathon, I don't feel too bad. Why not come back tomorrow, and see what else I've got to offer? TV  

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