July 17, 2015

Around the dial

A few minutes to offer some links for the week, along with apologies that it's not longer (and earlier in the day).

At Comfort TV, David Hofstede has one of his typically insightful pieces, in which he asks if if Bill Cosby's shows should still be on television, given what we know about his personal life?  Ultimately, I think they should be, but it's a thoughtful question.

At Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Ivan borrows a line from the famous theme song to Green Acres to describe the joys of moving.  Having moved five times in the last five years myself (only cross-country twice, thankfully) I sympathize with anyone going through it.  However - better you than me!

Cult TV Blog revisits the classic Avengers episode "You Have Just Been Murdered," and if you don't recognize it by the title, you probably will by the fact that it's the kinky one where Mrs. Peel wears the leather.  There's more to it than that, though.

Another one of Rick's great quizzes at Classic Film and TV Cafe - this time, it's the movie-TV connection game!  If you can answer, for example, what John Garfield and Ryan O'Neal have in common entertainment-wise, then this is definitely for you!

James Lileks has lately been publishing pictures of old advertisements for radio stations, which have been very enjoyable.  I always like to find a good local ad, and Faded Signals has this one from Florida, back when stations were more community-oriented rather than the corporate entities they now are.

Television.au has his weekly recap of Australia's version of TV Guide, and even though I'm not familiar with that much of it, I always find it fascinating to read about the differences and similarities between television here and there.

And speaking of TV Guide, if it's Friday that means there's another TV Guide review from Television Obscurities, this week looking at, among other things, Peter Bogdanovich on why McHale's Navy is relocating from the Pacific to Italy.  I remember that - thought it was stupid then, as now.

Wish I had more time, because there's some very interesting writing going on out there, but with all the projects I'm currently working on (including one big one that has nothing to do with television), I'm lucky to have this much time.  I'll always have time for you, though - see you tomorrow. TV  

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