July 31, 2015

TV you can hold in your hand!

This Sony ad says their is the television of the '70s, and we have no reason to doubt it.  Thinking back to the huge consoles that were typical in the early days, followed by the sensation of the "portable" television,the idea that you could hold a TV in your hand must have been unthinkable.

Imagine now that you had been told you would have a device that you could literally hold in the palm of your hand, not much bigger than a wallet.  You could watch TV on it, but you could also use it as a calendar or a map.  You could control things like the lights in your house, even if you were miles away.  You could look up things on it, as if it were a very small "computer."  You could even use it as a telephone!

How much farther can the future go?  There's the Apple Watch.  There's Google Glass.   What's next?

In the '60s, seeing the technology of the '70s was to behold the awe and wonder of technology.  The technology of the early 21st Century was something for cartoons like The Jetsons.  Considering how exponentially we've advanced since then - what will make us look back at the inventions of today and laugh?



  1. Not only can I watch TV on the iPod that fits in my pocket, I can store every episode of "The Brady Bunch" on it as well. Of course, I hate watching any show I like on a tiny screen...so why bother?

  2. That's exactly how I feel about watching TV or movies on a tiny screen. However, last night at the Drive-In movie theater near me I witnessed the one use case that I may actually employ someday. Someone who had arrived early and was waiting for the sun to go down and for the movie Minions to start had propped up a tablet on their dashboard and the family was watching one of the Despicable Me movies. But that would be the only situation where I can see myself ever watching a movie or TV show in such sub-optimal conditions.


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