August 5, 2016

Around the dial

There's a little something for everyone in the blogosphere this week, so without further adieu let's get going.

The Summer Olympics open tonight - provided nothing else happens in Rio. This seems like a good time to check out the history of the Olympics in the movies, which is what's going on at Classic Film and TV Cafe.

I've only seen one episode of Inspector George Gently, but that was enough to tell me it will be worth it pursuing more episodes (when I have time!). British TV Detectives explains why the series is a keeper.

It seems to be about time for another episode review of Love That Bob!, and The Horn Section graciously obliges with this write-up of the second season episode "The Fallen Idol."  I like Bob Cummings; don't know why I haven't taken time to check this series out.

When I was a lad, Bill Dana was a well-known comedian. He'd first hit it big with his Jose Jiminez astronaut routine (which the real astronauts loved), and appeared frequently on shows like Ed Sullivan's. His Jose character not only appeared in Make Room For Daddy, he was spun off into his own series, several episodes of which you can see via Classic Television Showbiz.

Do you remember the 1987-88 television season? If you do, you might (or might not) be surprised to see some of your favorite shows listed on Nielsen's Bottom 10 for January 18-24, 1988. Television Obscurities has the details.

Some of you might recognize the name of Vivean Gray, the Australian actress who appeared in several down-under series, including The Sullivans and Neighbours. Vivean Gray died recently at 92, and has a right proper appreciation of her.

Here's something that may be of interest - Ken Levine's tips on how to write effective dialogue. This link goes to part two, but the article contains the link to part one. Considering my most recent novel was comprised primarily of dialogue, I can vouch for the importance of knowing how to do it right. Don't be afraid to judge the programs you watch based on this criteria.

Nothing like an anthropomorphized television set to get your attention - not to mention said TV set standing at the top of a totem pole. It's a charming classic ad for KOIN-TV in Portland, Oregon, as always a part of the great collection at Faded Signals.

Lately I've been musing about the various components of classic television, but in many ways the same could be said for classic movies. At Phantom Empires, Clayton gives us 15 great films from the post-1979 wasteland. What do you think?

I know what I think - that you should be back here tomorrow, same time and channel, for more great TV fun! TV  


  1. Thanks for the shout out! Yeah, I've been into silly lists lately. My TV pages are seeing more action these days, too, and it's about time, wot? :)

  2. Thanks so much for the link... It was a lovely surprise to see that post rate a mention as I didn't expect many in your part of the world would have ever seen The Sullivans or Neighbours. But am very grateful for the link love :)

    1. Now that I have a region-free DVD player, there's no telling what might turn up here!

    2. If you're looking for suggestions I'll send you a list :)


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