August 15, 2018

TV Jibe: a Public Service Announcement


  1. Off-topic(?):

    Just back from listening to Episode 52 of Eventually Supertrain; this will mainly concern itself (Surprise!) with Bourbon Street Beat.

    - "Jeepers Creepers" is in so many shows because it came from an old Warner Bros. musical movie from 1938, Going Places.
    Listen closely and you'll find that most of the source music in the WB detective shows comes from Warners musicals (this is called "keeping it in house").
    This is also what's standing in the way of a proper DVD release for all of these shows, right up to and including 77 Sunset Strip; the clearance and rights fees for all these songs would bankrupt a third-world nation.

    - By the way did I mention to you or to Mr. Budnik that Eddie Cole, "The Baron", was Nat King Cole's older brother? He was a contract musician at Warners at this time.

    - As to that blonde waitress at the jazz club, I can't find any credit or billing for her, but I'm about 50% sure that it's Sarah Marshall (daughter of Herbert Marshall), who was at the entry level of TV acting in '59.
    Unless, of course, I'm wrong …

    - Casting:
    Vince the skeezy club owner was Paul Dubov, who was about to marry a TV writer named Gwen Bagni; if you recognize those names, you might recall that they collaborated on many episodes of Burke's Law and Honey West.
    The snooty Mr. Deckbar was Alan Marshal, a British-born actor whose specialty was looking guilty; if you recall a 1st season Perry Mason called "TCOT Terrified Typist" - well, that's a spoiler warning of sorts.
    Casting was a specialty of Warners TV - as you'll note in next week's BSB, "Mrs. Viner Vanishes"; no spoilers, but you're on notice.

    - I did look up Stephen Lord's writing credits in IMDb, and are there ever a bunch of those.
    He had two late-career jobs on TV, one on Ironside in 1968 ("I, The People"), and another one on Matlock in 1993 ("The Last Laugh").
    Both of these episodes were writing collaborations with - and guest-star vehicles for - Milton Berle.
    As it happens, I've got both these shows in the Old DVD Wall; maybe I'll look at them later tonight …

    I sent this message to you rather than Mr. Budnik because Bourbon Street Beat is your bailiwick (although he may certainly respond if he wishes *Hi, Dan!*).

    Anyhoo, you must admit it's something to think about, no?
    'Til next time …

  2. Thanks, Mike. This is awesome. I really appreciate it. "Mike does the research so Mitchell and Dan don't have to!"


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