March 22, 2019

Around the dial

We kick-off this week with a visit to Bob Sassone's site, where Bob lists his dozen favorite TV shows, along with the best of the rest. You've seen me complain about best-of lists before—when they're written by people who have no appreciation for classic television—but you'll hear no complaints from me here, as Bob comes up with some very perceptive and eclectic choices. Brisco County Jr., for instance, is a show that I never felt got the credit it deserved; sure, some of it was corny, but it was also very witty and clever (and, Bruce Campbell). I like MST3K and The Odd Couple as well, and I always like to see someone take a show like What's My Line? seriously as a best-of series. Well done! (I also love his bit about Twitter.)

At Classic Film & TV Cafe, Rick gives us seven things to know about Constance Towers, a familiar face to TV fans for appearances on everything from Perry Mason, Hawaii Five-O and The Outer Limits to General Hospital and the Hallmark Channel. Oh, and she was in some pretty good movies too, like The Horse Soldiers and The Naked Kiss.

Speaking of familiar faces, at Comfort TV, David reminds us that diversity in television is not something that just started. Case in point: Gregory Sierra, who appeared in just about every television show imaginable during the course of a 40-year career.

I'm old enough that I remember when Barbary Coast was on TV; the universality of Star Trek was not quite what it is today, so that I could point to Shatner and say, "Hey, didn't he used to be Captain Kirk?" (As if he'd never work again.) Fire-Breathing Dimetrodon Time remembers back when as well. (And I really like the pun of that title.)

At Christmas TV History, Joanna takes us to her latest tour of classic Christmas and pop culture sites, as she visits New York City, where she sees the statue of Ralph Kramden, goes past the building where Felix and Oscar lived, and stops at the Rockefeller Center Christmas tree!

The March 18, 1989 issue of TV Guide asks the question: "Are women reporters better than men?" Kind of sexist, if you ask me, but, oh well. Find out the answer to that question and more as Television Obscurities continues with a look back at the year 1989 in TV Guide. TV  

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