April 16, 2021

Around the dial

At GQ, Jason Diamond kicks things off this week with the story of how Columbo became "an unlikely quarantine hit." Turns out it's just the ticket for these strange times, as longtime fans and newcomers alike enjoy the show's many pleasures. 

Peter Falk isn't the only crowd-pleasing detective on TV; at Comfort TV, David says a good word (or several, really) on behalf of Banacek and the art of the locked-room mystery. Was there anyone smoother than George Peppard, with his turtlenecks, long cigars, and confidence to burn?

At Bob Crane: Life & Legacy, Carol and Linda set the record straight on Bob's appearance on the 1978 Canadian show Celebrity Cooks, which took place just months before his death in 1978. Odds are, whatever you've seen or heard up to now is wrong.

The Twilight Zone Vortex returns to the world of The Twilight Zone Magazine, as Jordan looks at the second anniversary edition from 1983, with, among other features, a batch of short stories, an interview with Colin Wilson, and Richard Matheson's teleplay for the classic “A World of His Own.”

Let's stay in the Zone at Shadow & Substance, with an in-depth look at one of the two dozen teleplays (out of 92!) which Rod Serling' adapted from other sources: 1963's "The Old Man in the Cave," starring James Coburn, based on a short story by Henry Slesar. 

At The Horn Section, Hal writes well of James Hampton, best known as F Troop's Private Hannibal Shirley Dobbs, who died last week at age 84. A wonderful actor, who appeared in many roles both comedic and dramatic.

I grew up in Minneapolis, but Minnesota KidVid has a story of a local kids' show of which I have absolutely no memory: "Sunday Storybook," with Barbara DeValerio, which aired circa 1966 to 1968. Too bad there's no video on it.

And in case you're wondering, the current violence in the Twin Cities is closer to us than the riots from last year, but still far enough away that we're safe. For this week, anyway. Glad I've already got tomorrow's TV Guide ready for you! TV  

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