October 17, 2013

Around the dial

There's more than a hint of fall in the air this week here in Texas, which has nothing to do with the following links, but, hey - TV and fall just kind of go together, don't they?

Scott Carpenter, one of the original seven Mercury astronauts, died earlier this week, and Television Obscurities has a nice piece on how television covered his Aurora 7 flight, one of the most dramatic of the early space shots.

A couple of fun pieces on the original Hawaii Five-O (which I'll be watching here in about 20 minutes as Thursday's DVD theater night: at The Hits Just Keep on Comin,, jb points out how the show's self-contained format differs from today's serialized programs (and that doesn't begin to cover the show's disco flavor), while at Classic Film and TV Cafe, Rick goes all the way back to the beginning with a look at the pilot and first episode.

I've seen many of Gilbert Seldes' reviews in older (i.e. pre-Cleveland Amory) issues of TV Guide, but I'd never seen him until I ran across this great ad courtesy of the Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland.

Can't remember if I've linked to this before, but this article by Billy at TVParty shows why a telethon (remember them?) should never announce their goal ahead of time.

That's all for tonight, boys and girls, but be back here on Saturday for a look at another classic TV Guide! TV  


  1. Thanks for proliferating my Five-O post. I understand that the show did yet another disco-flavored episode shortly after the one I wrote about. Oh rapturous joy.

    1. Yes - who knew that crime fighting on the island could be so groovy? :)


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