October 31, 2013

Around the dial

In last week's "This Week in TV Guide," I mentioned a 1951 movie called The Tall Target with the intriguing plotline of a policeman named John Kennedy trying to prevent the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.  Ironic, right?  Well, as Ivan mentions at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, that very movie will be appearing on TCM the morning of November 15 at 1am ET.  Might be worth a look for curiosity's sake if nothing else.

Just in time for Halloween, David of Comfort TV gives us a disturbing look at the seven most intimidating classic TV characters. How disturbing?  Try Aunt Fran from Family Affair, just for starters.  Speaking of Family Affair, Embarrassing Treasures presents another edition of Family Affair Fridays, the episode-by-episode guide to the 60s series.

Keeping with the spooky theme, Rick at Classic Film and TV Cafe looks at the five best made-for-TV horror films. I'll admit to a partiality for The Night Stalker, but in general I'm not sure how well television has done the classic horror movie.

Leaving the pumpkins for a moment, let's return to the old West. Kinescope HD has a look at yet another of the 60s Westerns, but one that wasn't afraid to let its heroes have a laugh or two: Larado.

Finally, we'll conclude the last post of October with this. Television Obscurities takes a look at Halloween television through the years.  It wasn't a holiday that generated a great deal of programming back in the day - when Trick or Treat was still more for the kids. But it still has its traditions - think It's the Great Pumpkin, for example, which we'll be watching in a very few minutes.

Happy Halloween to all - see you back on Saturday with another great TV Guide! TV  

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