March 6, 2015

Around the dial

After having missed last week, I thought I'd better show up with some links today.  I'm a little short on time, so let's cut to the chase!

When I was but a wee lad, I thought The Time Tunnel was a pretty cool series.  It premiered around the same time that I was in the embryonic stages of my fascination with the Titanic, and so it didn't hurt that the first episode, "Rendezvous with Yesterday," took place with our travelers trying to convince the ship's captain of what was in store  The Old Movie House takes a look at the evolution of that first episode through three - possibly four - iterations.

Throughout my life, I kept certain issues of TV Guide - some for obvious reasons (a particular show or article), some for reasons I can't figure out to this day.  When I started buying issues, though, I was specifically attracted to those from Christmastime.  I've always loved going through to see what was on in the days leading up to it - good times - and Joanna at Christmas TV History talks about how she goes through her TV listings.

Speaking of TV Guide, Television Obscurities' review of a year in TV Guide is up to the issue of March 6, 1965.  It's a great look at this issue (one that I've got as well), and it points out once again how TV - and the culture - have evolved over the past fifty years.

At Classic TV Sports, Jeff dips into one of my favorite resource sites -, which is packed with airchecks from my former hometown of Minneapolis - to take a listen to some of the pre- and post-game and a bit of play-by-play from the very first Super Bowl.  It's a fascinating look back at history, particularly when we continue to lack the televised version.

In our international section, Cult TV Blog visits '70s British TV with It Aint' Half Hot Mum - for the second time, actually - and tries to look beyond the show's decidedly un-PC attitude.  Meanwhile, Down Under, Television.AU takes a look at the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's 1985 gamble to redo its entire news portfolio - a gamble that, though perhaps noble, ultimately failed.

And as a reminder, if you missed last week's TV Detectives Blogathon by the Classic TV Blog Association, you can catch up on the terrific entries right hereTV  

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