March 27, 2015

It's Around the Dial - but first, a word or two from our sponsor

We'll get to our links of the week in a moment, but first a couple of housekeeping issues.

First, next week is Holy Week and, as is frequently the custom here, I'll be offline for the week.  What this means is that I've already got prewritten material for all of next week - a TV Guide piece on Saturday, a look at listings on Monday, an essay on Wednesday, a special feature on Good Friday, and around to another TV Guide the next day - but I won't be monitoring or making comments on the blog, nor will I be linking or looking at the Facebook site.  Just wanted to let you know.

Second, and perhaps more important.  The reason I link to my colleagues' posts each week is that I think they're worth reading, and that you'll be interested in them.  If you like the pieces I write here, won't you share them with people you think might be interested?  You can forward a link to the story, a link to the blog itself, or share a Facebook post.  But this blog needs your support to keep going - not financial support; I don't take up collections as some bloggers do, because I make more than enough money from my regular job, and I do this in my free time.  But a growing and interactive readership is the fuel that makes a writer keep going, and your help in spreading the word will be greatly appreciated.

Enough of the public service announcements - now, on with the links.

Rick at Classic Film and TV Cafe has another of his excellent and literate interviews, this one with Michael McGreevey, who made his name as an actor in Disney films in the '60s before graduating to work behind the scenes as a writer.  It's a very good read - even if you don't think you'll be interested in it, I can almost guarantee you'll read the whole thing.

CultTV Blog returns from a brief hiatus with his conclusions about British television of the '70s.  His conclusion about Seventies television there is much the same as mine is about television over here - head back to the relative safety of the Sixties!

I don't know if I've linked to Ken Levine's blog before, but the Emmy-winning producer, director, writer and major league baseball announcer has one of the most interesting blogs around.  This Friday, as is the case frequently, he's answering your questions, and you won't want to miss them.

Television Obscurities is up to March 27 in the ongoing weekly review of the TV Guides from the 1964-65 television season.  This is another issue I've got, but even if I didn't have it I'd have a pretty good idea of what it was all about, thanks to this excellent write-up.

Good to see that Kliph Nesteroff is back with a new entry at Classic Television Showbiz - it's a link to his latest piece at WFMU's Beware of the Blog, on the backstage happenings behind the '50s Red Buttons Show.  I really like these behind-the-scenes stories - they make the past (and the present, for that matter) come alive.

That's it for this week - you'll see me again tomorrow with another TV Guide, and remember that I will be back live in a little over a week.  Until then, to paraphrase MST3K, keep circulating the website! TV  

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