March 20, 2015

Around the dial

Let's take a quick look at the headlines for the week:

Courtesy of The Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland, here's a report from SplitSider on something I've never heard about before, the Johnny Carson Comeback Special that Never Was.

The Old Movie House continues looking at The Time Tunnel as the boys wind up on the deck of the Titanic!  This is probably my favorite episode of the series.

Keeping with the nautical theme, bare-bones e-zine reviews another episode in The Hitchcock Project, in which Keenan Wynn finds himself in an interesting situation, courtesy of the master writer Roald Dahl.

At The Lucky Strike Papers, my friend Andrew Lee Fielding posts an audio clip of his mother, Sue Bennett, performing on The Lucky Strike Hit Parade.  Nice!

Television Obscurities is up to March 20, 1965 in his weekly review.  Dorothy Malone's on the cover, NBC releases its new fall schedule, and TV news gears up for a manned Gemini space launch.

Finally, Those Were The Days has some great cast pictures up this week, including this entry - the cast of NBC's ambitious 90 minute series, The Name of the Game.

Sorry for the brevity this week - it's been a busy, interesting (but good!) week, and I'm playing catch-up right now.  No apologies necessary for tomorrow, though.  Back here for another TV Guide - same time, same channel! TV  

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