June 24, 2015

Now this is a TV Guide review!

I'm running a bit short on time today, but you'll want to have plenty of time to read through this terrific piece from the great James Lileks.  I like to think that I do a pretty good job with my Saturday articles, but it can be something of a crapshoot deciding what to write about and what to skip, what to link to and what to ignore.  Not so the great Lileks - enjoy!

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  1. Just back from the James Lileks piece, which has no provisions for comments.
    So I'm putting them here:

    - I'll make the educated guess that Mr. Lileks is somewhat younger than I am.
    Else, how would he not know that Arthur Treacher was Merv Griffin's announcer - every night?
    I'll also note Mr. Lileks's disdain for those whose celebrity dates back 47 years, as if it was as transitory then as it is today.
    I found this attitude annoying back then, and I find it even more so today.
    I also note that his scanning stops abruptly with the back color section.
    Mr. Lileks - do the whole thing, if you don't mind ...

    -The listing for The Toy That Grew Up:
    I remember this show; it originated at WTTW- channel 11 here in Chicago.
    Ch11 was the "educational" station; Public Television was a few years away.
    The host/narrator of Toy was Don Ferris, who worked as a staff announcer at different stations around town, mainly Chs 5 and 7; he part-timed at 11 while he did this show.
    Ferris was kind of bland-looking and bland-sounding, but had an offbeat sense of humor that he brought to Toy That Grew Up - and later on, to many commercials produced in Chicago by the legendary Joe Sedelmaier.
    I've no idea what's happened to Don Ferris in recent years; he's likely retired (happily, I hope).

    Later on, I'll go back and see if there's anything else in the listings that I can annoy you with.
    Till then ...


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