June 10, 2015

The "fugitive" kind

News item #1: Warner Brothers announces a reboot of "The Fugitive" movie.  The original, based on the hit TV show of the '60s starring David Janssen, was one of WB's biggest hits of the '90s, with star Harrison Ford, a Best Picture Oscar nomination, and an Oscar win for Tommy Lee Jones as Best Supporting Actor.

News item #2:  CBS Video's newest DVD release of the complete Fugitive TV series runs into another roadblock, as the set mistakenly contains discs that include replacement music for some incidental scenes and had already been replaced once.  

The problem outraged Fugitive fans when it originally occurred several years ago in the release of individual season sets and forced CBS to issue replacement discs with some of the original music restored.  This marks the fourth time CBS has had to issue replacement discs for various Fugitive problems; in addition to the original replacement music issue, a previous complete series set was recalled in order to address music replacement, and was then re-released with the correct music but also with several discs that included incorrectly dubbed episodes that required replacing, and the current flawed set, released as a budget option, which used the defective discs from the individual season sets rather than the corrected discs from the previous complete series release.

What with all the problems this series has undergone in getting a correct release on DVD, it almost seems as there's more angst involved in getting this right than there was in Dr. Richard Kimble's original quest to clear his name and catch the one-armed man who killed his wife.  As so we asked the question: how could the reboot possibly compete with such internal torment?  To that, there's only one answer:

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