June 12, 2015

Around the dial

At the AV Club, there's an interesting article by Larry Fitzmaurice on the long tradition of tragedy in sitcoms.  In some ways we shouldn't be surprised, since there's often such a thin line between comedy and tragedy; nonetheless, as he went through the list of recent shows featuring one or two dead parents, and these shows' occasional forays into relatively serious subject matter, it was a surprise nonetheless.  Of course, by concentrating on relatively recent shows he overlooks such famed programs as Family Affair and Bachelor Father that were established on the same premise.  Family Affair in particular would occasionally show the sense of confusion and loss the children sometimes felt; it never let you forget that the premise was built entirely on the death of loved ones.

David Hofstede of Comfort TV, whom I consider one of the most insightful of classic TV bloggers, has a very good take on what differentiates classic television from today's programs.  Even though we've been told repeatedly that we're living in a new Golden Age, there often seems - at least to me - as if there's something missing, and David's come up with what it might be: a default setting of kindness.  I've struggled for some time to try and articulate what I think the difference is, and while I haven't been able to do so yet (the closest I've come is "cynicism"), I think we're both coming from the same place.

Now, who can possibly do without wacky TV show cards?

Bare-bones e-zine continues with the Hitchcock Project.  This was such a good show.

I just ran across the old Tim Conway Show the other day in one of my TV Guides.  And now Those Were the Days gives us a visual reminder today.  Coincidence?

Need I say any more than Television Obscurities has another excellent TV Guide recap?  I enjoyed this issue myself.

Kliph Nesteroff has an outstanding piece on the strange story of Keefe Brasselle and Jim Aubrey.  It will cost you a contribution, which is a small price to pay for a wealth of information.  I'm going to make my contribution, and you should too.

A bit pressed for time today, but I wanted to make sure you got to these, and the many others out there.  Back again tomorrow. TV  

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