April 22, 2016

Around the dial

A very enjoyable spin around the classic television blogosphere awaits, so let's get right to it, shall we?

Here's a great reminder from The Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland - a book depicting television as "The Magic Window." It's amazing how quickly we come to take something for granted, isn't it?

One of the recurring characters in Hogan's Heroes was Tiger, the beautiful underground agent. At Vote For Bob Crane, Carol has a nice piece on the actress playing Tiger, Arlene Martel, who had some very interesting insights into Bob Crane's true character.

Whether old television series or sporting events of the past, it drives me crazy that so much of our TV heritage has been lost due to tapes being lost or simply destroyed. Cult TV Blog gives us another example of what we're missing in his discussion of the lost Avengers series one episode "Nightmare."

In the category of "the more things change, the more they stay the same," Lincoln X-ray Ida takes a look at a 1971 episode of Adam-12 entitled "The Militants." The quality of the episode is debatable; it's relevance to today's headlines isn't.

Speaking of episode recaps (and Adam-12!), Recap Retro recaps one of The Twilight Zone's early, disturbing episodes - "The Mirror," starring the lovely Vera Miles and Sgt. Pete Malloy himself, Martin Milner. A great recap of a sinister story, indeed.

In yet another reminder of the staying power of classic television - and my irritation at cable systems that don't broadcast digital subchannels - Television Obscurities looks at getTV's new weekday lineup. They're not all winners, but shows such as The Jimmy Stewart Show don't get much airplay anymore, and any reminder is a good one.

Finally, at Those Were the Days, it's the cover of the April 21, 1956 issue of TV Guide, one of many issues I don't have. It features a very young Nanette Fabray, as well as a reminder of how real life intrudes, with Fred Allen's final interview, a reminder that Allen had died on March 17. TV  

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