December 9, 2016

Around the dial

And away we go with another week of classic TV blogging!

At Comfort TV, David kicks off the week with his continuing series of "best of" sitcom episodes, focusing this week on the 1960s. Some wonderful stuff there!

David's not the only one with a continuing series - Joanna at Christmas TV History has another in her contest on Christmas screen shots taken from TV episodes, specials and movies. How many can you get?

Let's stay with Joanna's page for a moment, because it's where you're going to find Some Polish American Guy's review of the Christmas episode "Silent Night, Unholy Night" on B.J. and the Bear.

The Richard Matheson novel Ride the Nightmare was adapted into a Season Eight episode of The Alfred Hitchcock Hour. How well did it go? Check out bare-bones e zine for all the details.

There's also an episode review from The Twilight Zone Vortex, this one of the sinister Season Three episode "One More Pallbearer," with Joseph Wiseman.

If it's Christmastime, then it's time for Lileks to take his annual pop at Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, with which I heartily agree, having done my own a few years ago. (Bonus: check out Lileks' article on Rudolph from National Review a couple of years ago.)

If you're looking for some post-Christmas gift ideas, Carol at Vote for Bob Crane has a holiday contest, where you can win a copy (signed!) of her terrific biography of Crane.

We all know that Saturday night television is a graveyard today; we also know that at one time Saturday night had some of the best programs on the air. At The Ringer, Alison Herman writes how Sunday nights - and all other nights, for that matter - might be headed the same way, thanks to your computer's browser.

I'm glad to hear John's (of Cult TV Blog) new job is going better than his old job - pray that it will be the same in my case. And while you're at it, read his take on John Thaw (Inspector Morse) and his early '60s series Redcap.

More links than usual? Perhaps, but more than enough for you to chew on until I'm back tomorrow, right? TV  

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