December 7, 2016

The Lone Ranger, as seen on SCTV

Here's one of the more absurd concepts you're likely to see anytime soon: the Lone Ranger as host of his own late-night talk show, with Tonto as Ed McMahon. Only SCTV could have come up with something so utterly ridiculous, and funny. It's a nice reminder that it's good to laugh sometimes. (And yes, that's the Lone Ranger himself doing Carnac.)

A lot better than the Johnny Depp movie, don't you think? One of the commenters on this video remarks how, having grown up on this kind of show, he's now "substandard" for anything on contemporary television. I think it shows how uncreative so many of today's thinkers are, when "thinking outside the box" usually means stepping out of the cat litter - what's left behind is the same. Anyway, enjoy this short piece while I think of something more substantial (though probably less entertaining) to write about.


  1. OK, Mitchell...what do you say we start an SCTV page? I'll contribute....My favorite of all time.

  2. If you like that one, you ought to see their take of Irwin Allen as a talk show host!!!

  3. Yet another SCTV mash-up sketch. But I have never seen this before until now. It came out when it was still in syndication and was never televised in my market until NBC took over. The "Doc Severinsen" part was played by Tony Rosato before he came to Saturday Night Live. The only Tony Rosato (and Robin Duke) sketch that appeared on NBC was Lee A. Iococca's Rock Concert where Rosato played Tony Orlando and Duke played Iococca's sister Imogene.

  4. And then there was the consistent segment of "Sammy Maudlin" with William B Williams who eventually got a disastrous spin-off talk show....pure genius, all of it.


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