December 30, 2016

Around the dial

For the last time this year, let's take a look and see what the blogosphere has to offer.

Some lists this week – first, top-ten post lists at bare-bones e-zine and Classic Film and TV Café. It gives you a chance to catch up on these really fine blogs if you missed the posts the first time, and maybe you’ll become a regular reader of them in the future, if you’re not already. Continuing with lists, David is up to the 1980s in Comfort TV’s list of the ten funniest sitcom episodes by date.

Some Polish American Guy reminiscences on Battle of the Network Stars #2, over at the Eventually Supertrain podcast. I have to admit, though, I actually prefer this version:

At Vote for Bob Crane, Carol makes a good point as to why we shouldn’t be so negative about 2016. She mentions having made new friends this year – funny; that’s one of the highlights of my year as well!

Silver Scenes has a very nice story about Alfred Burt, a name you might not recognize. Each year Burt would write a Christmas carol, which he would then include in his cards to friends. One of which, “Some Children See Him,” can be seen here. Again, I’ve learned something new!

If you happen to read this before the weekend is done, The Twilight Zone Vortex has a very helpful guide to the episodes being shown on Syfy’s annual TZ New Year’s Marathon.

I don’t know much about Brighton, other than that I read a blog written by a priest there, and I once saw on a documentary that Brighton has a lot of cats. Now, thanks to Cult TV Blog, I also know that Brighton is the setting for the fourth series Public Eye episode “Welcome to Brighton?”

Television Obscurities has the type of post I love reading – a look back at the Christmas Day television schedules from 40, 50 and 70 years ago. I tell you, I never get tired of this kind of thing.

Not an update per se, but the television director Ralph Senensky has a wonderful blog, Ralph's Cinema Trek, in which he shares candid observations and inside stories about the many classic TV episodes he’s directed. If you have nothing to do for a few hours, I can promise you won’t be bored reading about Ralph’s life and times.

And with that, I think we’ll call it a wrap for today. If I’ve overlooked anything good, you know you can find all these sites (and more!) on the sidebar, which I encourage you to frequent frequently. (An accurate, if inelegantly put, statement.) Tune in on Saturday as we ring out the old year with a bang – or at least a good TV Guide. TV  


  1. The SCTV clip is very funny, especially the Dick Cavett impression.

    1. That show just never ceases to amaze me - or make me laugh.

  2. Thanks for the shout-out, Mitchell! And thanks for the weekly run-down of blog entries. I have discovered several cool blogs through your site.

    1. Thanks much, Brian! And thanks for all you write!


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