January 4, 2019

Around the dial

For the first Hitchcock Project of the year, Jack at bare-bones e-zine wraps up his overview of Bernard C. Schoenfeld's work with season five's "Hitch Hike" (which I haven't seen yet, so I'm not going to go to far with it). Schoenfeld strikes me as one of the program's best writers.

The Broadcast Archives at the University of Maryland shares a 1967 ad from Saginaw's WNEM thanking women viewers for making their movies and syndicated programs so successful. They call the ad "patronizing," and perhaps it is; or perhaps it's a fairly accurate assessment of the way things were then, as well as an example of how things have changed in the intervening 52 years.

We haven't heard from Amanda lately, but the "Queen of TV Movie Knowledge" is back at Made for TV Mayhem with this review of "The Scarecrow," which appeared on PBS's excellent Hollywood Television Theater back in 1972. A pity that even PBS doesn't have room for plays like this anymore.

At Bob Crane: Life & Legacy, Carol travels (visually) to Port Clinton, Ohio, home of the Liberty Aviation Museum, repository of the Hogan's Heroes uniforms and props, for a big band version of the "Hogan's Heroes March."

Jodie takes a look back at 2018 at Garroway at Large, along with an update on her Dave Garroway biography. I can't wait to read this; Jodie says she's beginning to understand Garroway, and that should be fascinating.

Martin Grams tells us how we can help save Popeye the Sailor. It has to do with Warners' release of volume four of the Popeye cartoons, which starts in on the 1940s. As seems to be the way of things nowadays, Warners says there will only be additional volumes released if the sales volume demands it. Popeye fans, you know what to do.

Take a listen to the latest edition of TV Confidential; film and television actor Kirk Bovill and television historian Steve Randisi will join Ed Robertson this weekend for a brand new edition , airing January 4-6. Follow the link to find out where and when you can listen.

And by the way, as I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, I'm on Twitter now, so be sure to follow me for treats not available on the website. Speaking of which, there'll be another TV Guide on the website tomorrow; come back then. TV  

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