January 25, 2019

Around the dial

Well, we haven't had quite enough of lists yet, so I'll start this week off at Comfort TV, where David comes up with one I really enjoy: the 10 most iconic costumes in classic TV. 

As you know, I appreciate a good TV Jibe here from time to time, so naturally I enjoy Jodie's linkage of Bill Keane and Dave Garroway at this week's Garroway at Large.

What was I watching Joan Collins in the other night? Ah yes, The Persuaders! (You really should try that series out sometime.) Anyway, follow the Joan Collins line long enough and you're come to The Colbys, the Dynasty spinoff that's the subject at Realweegiemidget. 

The Late, Great Kaye Ballard, indeed: a wonderful remembrance of the star of television, movies, and Broadway, who died this week, over at A Shroud of Thought.

Would you pay $89.95 for a VHS copy of Hot to Trot? That's what it would have cost in 1989; find out about that and more in the latest installment of A Year in TV Guide: January 21, 1989 at Television Obscurities.

At Bob Crane: Life & Legacy, Carol continues the campaign to elect Bob to the National Radio Hall of Fame. If you only know him from Hogan's Heroes, go over there to find out there's a lot more to learn.

More to learn tomorrow about TV Guide, so be sure to come on over. TV  

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