August 9, 2019

Around the dial

At Comfort TV, David looks at the eternally popular Scooby-Doo, and asks the eternal question: purchase or pass on The New Scooby-Doo Movies?

It sometimes seems as if there's been an endless supply of British mysteries dramas on American television, and it can be difficult to keep track of them. Classic Film and TV Café brings to my attention a previously-unknown one: Mr. Palfrey of Westminster, a taut espionage drama with Alec McCowen.

The Horn Section returns to the world of Love That Bob! with the 1958 episode "Grandpa Moves West," another chance for Bob Cummings to double-up as Bob Collins and Grandpa Joshua Collins.

Carol Ford and Linda Groundwater, co-authors of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, appeared recently on Magic 95.9 to discuss Bob; you can listen to the interview at Bob Crane: Life & Legacy.

Longtime NBC crewmember Phil Hynes died last week at age 96. A veteran of shows from Your Hit Parade to The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, he also worked on lighting for Dave Garroway's Today Show, and Jodie remembers him at this week's Garroway at Large.

At Cult TV Blog, John looks at the influence that the James Bond movies might have had on one of the hit British TV shows of the time, The Avengers. Cut from the same bolt of cloth, eh?

I've been reading a lot about TV movies lately, so naturally I noticed this piece at Realweegiemidget Reviews about the 1981 TV-flick This House Possessed, with Parker Stevenson and Lisa Eilbacher. Horror camp lives!

Another twofer at Television Obscurities: while you're harking back 30 years to the TV Guide of August 5, 1989, be sure to check out the streaming guide to short-lived and forgotten TV shows.

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