August 30, 2019

Around the dial

We'll get the week started with a look at bare-bones e-zine and Jack's Hitchcock Project review of Arthur A. Ross's tenth-season story "Thanatos Palace Hotel." Again, I haven't seen many of the Hitchcock Hour episodes so I'm not going to read ahead, but nobody does an episode recap better than Jack.

Night Gallery, Rod Serling's follow-up to The Twilight Zone, has its share of fans, but Serling himself was frustrated by his lack of control over the show, and only a handful of them can be considered anywhere near classics. One that is unquestionably a classic by any standards is Serling's bittersweet "They’re Tearing Down Tim Riley’s Bar," which David looks at over at Comfort TV.

Apparently 'tis the week for episode recaps, and good ones at that—Cult TV Blog flashes back to a wonderful Steed-King episode of The Avengers, "Take Me to Your Leader." John coins a great word in his review: "Avengersification," the act of taking a relatively normal situation and transferring it into the world of The Avengers. Works for me!

At The Twilight Zone Vortex, Jordan gives a very candid review of the underwhelming fourth-season episode, "I Dream of Genie," which to its credit features a funny performance from the always-reliable Howard Morris. 

Our friend Carol Ford, author of Bob Crane: The Definitive Biography, is quoted in this week's Entertainment Weekly article on Crane's unsolved murder. "Tragic" can be an overused word, but I've always thought it appropriate for this sad story.

Do you remember the controversial Oprah cover of TV Guide back in 1989? That's the issue up for review this week at Television Obscurities, along with the programming highlights of the week, and a lot more.

I saw a half-hour or so of Twelve Angry Men on TCM the other night; it's a terrific movie, based on an original play by Reginald Rose for Studio One. At The Lucky Strike Papers, Andrew kindly refers back to a piece I'd written about that TV version (which featured what I thought was a compelling performance by Bob Cummings in the Henry Fonda role), and shares some thoughts of his own.

You should be back here tomorrow for the TV Guide review, but if not, enjoy the long Labor Day weekend, and let's be careful out there! TV  

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