February 1, 2023

Return of the crossword puzzle!

Awhile back, I came up with the idea of using the famous TV Guide crossword puzzle as a kind of occasional feature, not unlike the TV Jibe cartoons. The last one we did was, let's see—May 24, 2017. I guess I haven't kept up on this very well, have I?

Anyway, today's puzzle is from Saturday's TV Guide (January 28, 1967), so keep that in mind when you're thinking about the stars and the shows featured in the clues. Use the comments section for your answers, and I'll update our progress on Friday, with the answers next Friday. If you're reading this through Facebook or Twitter, make sure you go to the website with your answers.

Good luck!



  1. I guarantee my father did this crossword for this Guide. He did them all!

  2. Looking over this puzzle, it would seem the longtime rep this publication's crossword has garnered for being, shall we say, a mite unchallenging, has been well-deserved. I'm reminded of a favorite gag from Duckman ("TV or Not to Be"):

    WOMAN: "I finished the 'TV Guide' crossword puzzle for the first time in my life!"
    Holds page up to camera. We see a very small crossword where every answer is TOOTIE [from "The Facts of Life"], all except for one, which is DESCARTES.

    Oh, and 57 Across? Granny is NOT a Clampett (and neither is Jethro). C'mon, TVG scholars, get it together!

  3. I read recently that in the creation of THE BEVERLY HILLBILLIES, there was talk of making Granny Jed's mother instead of his mother-in-law, but that would've made her the leader of the family instead of him. Also Jethro isn't Granny's grandson (He's not related to her at all.) nor Jed's nephew, but the relationships are similar.

    In the same way Grandpa on THE MUNSTERS isn't "Grandpa Munster", since he's Lily's father. He's actually Grandpa Dracula. Marilyn is also from Lily's side of the family, but she may have been called Marilyn Munster to feel as part of the family.


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