October 30, 2015

Around the dial

Before we get to our weekly trip around the blogosphere, a personal note. Those of you in my own Facebook network may know that I have a book coming out next month. It's a novel and has nothing to do with television, but I'm going to plug it here anyway because 1) it's my website, and 2) it's my book.*

*And if you need another reason, 3) they're both written by me..

The book is called The Collaborator; it's a religious-political drama about backstage intrigue at the Vatican, and I'm very proud of it; if I do say so myself, it contains some of the best writing I've ever done. It will be available from Amazon and other dealers, in both print and e-book versions. I promise I won't overdo it on the plugs; maybe just a short notice at the end of every post for the next three months or so. And did I mention it would make a great Christmas gift for the fiction-reader in your home?

OK, now on to the regular content.

In tomorrow's TV Guide review I mention a local station running the political movie The Last Hurrah and wondering if it was tied in to that week's midterm election coverage. At Christmas TV History, Joanna takes a look at something in the same vein - disaster movies that take place around Christmastime. Perhaps that's what we should be running at election time.

The Last Drive-In revisits an oldie but goodie, a look back at the early '60s NBC series Thriller. And speaking of sinister shows of the season, bare-bones e-zine continues The Hitchcock Project with "The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby" from 1956. I remember this episode well from having seen it on DVD a few months ago - with a very nice twist at the end.

It's Part III of Made for TV Mayhem's retrospective on made-for-TV Halloween movies. I mentioned Part I in an earlier "Around the Dial," and Part II can be found here.

Ah, The Great American Dream Machine - it was on in 1971 and 1972 on PBS, and I think I might have seen a few minutes of it - though I was a precocious child back then, it probably went clear over my head, especially the cartoons. I mean, I didn't even get Monty Python humor until a decade later. But at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, you can find out all about the show, and whether or not it's your cup of tea.

I'm managing editor and occasional writer at another blog, In Other Words, and this week my friend and fellow writer Bobby has a piece on audition tapes of game show hosts that might surprise you.

And how did you spend National Cat Day yesterday?

That's it for now, but you already know what's waiting for you tomorrow. TV  

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