October 21, 2015

A chance to see yours truly!

For those of you who might wonder if there really is a Mitchell Hadley, you don't have to write to the New York Sun to get an answer. Now you can see for yourself!

Over the weekend I had the privilege and the pleasure of appearing on Dan Schneider's terrific YouTube video interview program with two of my fellow classic TV bloggers: Amanda Reyes of Made For TV Mayhem and Daniel Budnik of Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things.  The topic was Television's Golden Age - when was it, and did it really exist?

It was wonderful getting a chance to actually see two people that I read often, and the conversation was even more stimulating.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience; I want to thank Dan for inviting me to be a part of it, and Amanda and Daniel for being so smart and witty that I couldn't help but look good just by appearing with them.

The program appears here in its entirety; it runs for a little under two hours, but it's divided into several segments, so take some time and watch either the whole show, or individual parts of it.  And then let the three of us know how we did!

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