October 23, 2015

Around the dial

At the always-fun The Horn Section, Hal takes a look at an F Troop episode built around a hilarious misunderstanding, as Corporal Agarn believes he's dying. I always thought Larry Storch was the best part of this series, and I can only imagine how much he must have chewed up the scenery here.

Classic Film and TV Cafe reviews a movie that I don't remember, perhaps because I was living in The World's Worst Town™.  It's The Norliss Tapes, a more serious version of The Night Stalker, another series I didn't get to see in firsr-run (for the same reason). It stars Roy Thinnes, who was certainly a familiar face on television at the time, and if you can it's worth a look.

I remember reading about this once before, and I don't remember if I ever mentioned it, but even if I did it's worth mentioning again, as Silver Scenes does: Vincent Price, who was an exceptionally intelligent connoisseur of art, does this promotional film for employees of Sears, which is going into the fine art business. Well, you used to be able to by a house at Sears, so why not?

Did I ever see Gemini Man? I don't think so, but Dan at Some Polish American Guy Reviews Things (love that title!) has, and he's been writing about it lately. Today he reviews the Gemini Man Annual. The first time I ever saw a television series "annual" was when I was just getting into Doctor Who; it was mostly a British thing back then, I think.

Cult TV Blog continues his thought-provoking series on apartheid as portrayed in The Prisoner. As you know, I really enjoy reading this kind of analysis, about going deeper into a series to find the messages the producers intended - and quite a few they didn't.  This episode, "Checkmate," brings his thought process to a head, and I really enjoy one of his conclusions: "ideology can always be misused to support what you want." He goes on from there; it's good.

The TV Guide Historian likes old listings as much as I do, and this week takes a look at the schedule for Chicago's WGN on October 19, 1989. I started out thinking that wasn't that long ago, but it was over 25 years ago; I guess that qualifies.

Well, it's been quite a week, what with my YouTube appearance and all, so this will do until tomorrow, when I hope you're back for another TV Guide review. TV 

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