October 26, 2018

Around the dial

Last month at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Ivan reviewed the new Blu-ray Television's Lost Classics Volume 1, which featured a pair of John Cassavettes performances; this week he's back with a look at Volume 2. which gives us a look at four pilots, gloriously restored. You might find these two sets well worth your time.

As you know, I always enjoy Jack's Hitchcock Project at bare-bones e-zine, not only because of the episode reviews, but because he looks at everything about the stories, including the original source material. This week, it's Bernard C. Schoenfeld Part Six: "The Percentage," from Hitch's third season. Find out how Schoenfeld changed David Alexander's original story, and see if he made it better.

I like this promo for Creature From the Black Lagoon at the Broadcasting Archives at the University of Maryland. After all, I got to see the Creature himself, Ricou Browning, at last month's Mid-Atlantic Nostalgia Convention.

So intrigued was I by Jodie's promise of big news coming soon to Garroway at Large that I almost forgot the point of this week's post: a wonderful photo of Dave Garroway, signed to his friend, the jazzman Red Norvo.

I don't know if you've been following the story of Joanna and her Netflix DVD dress; no description I can provide would do this project justice, so I recommend you pick up the story at Christmas TV History.

At Bob Crane: Life and Legacy, Carol celebrates the appearance of the Dodgers in this year's World Series with some pictures of Bob and family with Dodgers owner Walter O'Malley as Bob presents O'Malley with a model Jeep from Hogan's Heroes.

David celebrates Halloween at Comfort TV with pictures of TV tie-in costumes. Good memories of those days, although I never dressed in any of the costumes that David shows; mine were more like Caspar and Yogi Bear. In Minnesota, you can have snow on the ground at Halloween, you know, so a lot of times those costumes were under heavier jackets.

At The Twilight Zone Vortex, Jordan takes a comprehensive look at one of TZ's problematic episodes, the hour-long "Mute," with Ann Jillian as a telepathic child. That's really a simplistic description of an episode that raises some very provocative questions about assimilation, a question that's always relevant.

And what would the week be without a Crazy Like a Fox update when Hal has one at The Horn Section? Never fear; it's a look at the satisfying 1985 episode "Fox and Hounds."  TV  


  1. Thanks, Mitchell! Your book arrived in the mail yesterday!

  2. Thanks, Mitchell! I really appreciate it!

    1. No more than I appreciate reading your pieces, Jordan - they never fail to inform me!


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