October 19, 2018

Around the dial

They don't make them like Vincent Price anymore; smooth and debonair, yet often sinister and evil. As a mark of his versatility in roles, he starred in Roger Corman films, and portrayed The Saint on the radio. At Comfort TV, David turns to the small screen and shows us the top ten Vincent Price moments on television. How many of them do you remember?

Did you know that The Today Show has been the subject of not one, but two board games over its long lifetime? I didn't, and although I've seen a lot of TV tie-in games in antique stores over the years, I'd never heard of that before. But Jodie has, and at The Garroway Project she fills us in on these "fun and educational" games.

It snowed here in Minneapolis on Sunday, not enough to do any damage (and it was 70 yesterday anyway), which means it makes perfect sense to check in at Joanna's Christmas TV History and read about the wonderful 1969 Christmas episode of Bewitched.

My podcast partner Daniel is back at Some Polish American Guy, and back with him is BJ and the Bear, and the season three episode "S.T.U.N.T." Speaking of which, don't forget to check out our most recent episode here.

Television Obscurities is obscure yet again, with a dip into the archives producing the 1956 sitcom "Joe and Mabel," with Larry Blyden and Nita Talbot (a personal favorite for her memorable guest spots on Hogan's Heroes and Bourbon Street Beat), and a supporting cast including Norman Fell. TV  

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