November 16, 2018

Around the dial

This week at Thrilling Days of Yesteryear, Ivan tells us of being pleasantly surprised by the first season of The High Chaparral on DVD. That's happened to me a few times with various series, and it is indeed a pleasure. A high one, in fact.

Did you ever wonder why Colonel Hogan's German accent was so bad on Hogan's Heroes? Wonder not! Carol comes to the rescue at Bob Crane: Life & Legacy. And you might be surprised at the answer.

Ah, the DVD dress is done! You can read about it (and see it!) at Christmas TV History, as Joanna gives you the details of this massive project.

Garroway at Large commemorates Veterans' Day with Jodie's look back at the career of Lt. Dave Garroway, USNR.

At Comfort TV, David quizzes us on the Eilbacher sisters, Cindy and Lisa. Do you know which is which? Take the test and find out!

Television Obscurities has good news for Burt Reynolds fans: his one-season police series Dan August will be out on DVD next month, just in time for Christmas!

Short but sweet this week; see you back here tomorrow. TV  

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