November 2, 2018

Around the dial

At Comfort TV, David has a really interesting take on the benefits of, well, comfort TV. It is not, as some people claim, a way of escaping from reality; rather, it "offered a wealth of opportunities to withdraw from that world and get happily lost for a while somewhere more pleasant." Would that more of today's shows could do that.

Dave Garroway was a man who put his money where his mouth was, as Jodie at Garroway at Large demonstrates with a story of how Garroway fought against bigots assaulting Sarah Vaughan at a 1948 performance.

Steve Crum has a terrific review of Steve Randisi's new book, The Merv Griffin Show: The Inside Story. It's "not a full-scale biography of Merv Griffin," Randisi says. "Rather, it’s the story of the television program bearing his name." It sounds quite interesting.

Martin Grams tells us that The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre, by Outer Limits creator Joseph Stefano, has finally come out on DVD and Blu-Ray. The movie began life as The Haunted, a pilot for CBS; when the show wasn't picked up (for various reasons), it was reedited into a theatrical film. It stars Martin Landau, Judith Anderson, and Janet Baker.

Finally, as you might know, I've been doing comment moderation lately, simply because I've been getting a few spam comments that aren't being picked up by the filter. Depending on how vigilant I am in approving the comments, it sometimes takes longer than it should for them to show up. (Even then, I'm still doing a lousy job of responding.) At any rate, there's one comment that I've lingered over more than the others. I think I'm honored, but on the other hand...
We are here to announce to you that your blog has won you a sum of USD $50,000 which you need to claim immediately. The details of these wining will be explained to you when you contact the BLOGGER COMMITTEE. courtesy: BLOGGER COMMITTEE.

I mean, it has to be legit, right? I can't think of anyone more deserving of this than me. It's inconceivable that anyone could be playing me for a patsy...  TV  

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  1. For Friday, a little more miscellany:

    - The Wolfe Pack, the Rex Stout/Nero & Archie society to which I proudly belong, has added something special to its website:
    After considerable effort (and likely not a little expense), The Pack has tracked down a string of correspondence between Rex Stout and his friend/business partner Edwin Fadiman in re the 1959 Nero Wolfe TV pilot for CBS.
    There are a few surprises here (at least they were to me); most of the letters are in business-legalese (mainly those of Fadiman and Stout's attorney Irwin Karp), and might take a few readings to keep straight.
    Also, the dollar amounts of the payments to the principals might cause your jaw to drop - at least until you recall how much farther a dollar went in 1959.
    The Wolfe Pack has just put the letters up in a quickly assembled PDF; they say they'll reorganize and clean up the scans in the due course.
    After all these years I still have no idea how to link; just type The Wolfe Pack into the search box and go from there.

    - Meanwhile, Eventually Supertrain has added the Episode 57 podcast, although Dan hasn't yet posted the website entry.
    As I mentioned before, I'm missing the Bourbon Street Beat episode this time out (and as a long-term Madlyn Rhue fan, this stings a bit).
    Dan, if you're there, I do have the Green Hornet and Future Cop shows (I'm guessing you've seen my comment on the FC minisode).
    Since I still get the comments on Soundcloud to work, you're just going to have to put up the regular entry …
    'Til then …


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